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Get GameComposer in your classroom

The latest MusicEDU program, GameComposer takes students on a journey through video game composition and creation from the 1970s until now. Ideal for classroom music lessons, GameComposer teaches cultural, historical, social, aural and compositional aspects. A thriving and growing industry set to exceed $35 billion this year, video games represent all demographics and genders. Guaranteed to engage students in the classroom, GameComposer is ideal for teaching music in an innovative and relevant way. Students discover the composers who bring to life video games and characters from Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Final Fantasy, Halo and Skyrim.


Flexible program

With five sessions able to be spread over a timeframe that suits you, students learn about character creation, building soundtracks, action scenes, creating worlds and soundscape engineering. Curriculum content includes listening techniques and students work on assessments including digital portfolios and musicology and aural tasks. Rich in activities, GameComposer covers all aspects of the Australian curriculum and can be used across devices. Software ideal for GameComposer includes Garageband, Mixcraft, ACID, Sibelius and/or Noteflight.


Save time on development

Consisting of a digital ebook and website resources, we include all that you need to integrate GameComposer into your current program or use it as a stand-alone unit. You’ll find videos, activities, assessments and quizzes ready to go. Ideal for students between years 8-10, GameComposer provides insight into the video game industry with a musical and compositional edge.