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Keyboard Evolution

Get engagement with Keyboard Evolution

Keyboard Evolution, by MusicEDU, is an innovative program designed as a music program for high school classroom music. Keyboard Evolution can be implemented with either stand-alone keyboards, or in a MIDI-lab environment for added flexibility and versatility. Ideal for students from beginner to advanced, Keyboard Evolution contains a range of extensions and activities so there’s something for everyone. An interactive and exciting program, Keyboard Evolution keeps students engaged and excited about music lessons.


Saving you time

Containing 10 sessions that can be split according to your timeframe, Keyboard Evolution saves you valuable program planning and resources. Allowing you to incorporate technology into your classroom with ease, Keyboard Evolution can be used on its own or in conjunction with existing programs. Ticking national and state curriculum requirements, you’ll find all support videos, backing tracks, guitar tab for all the arrangements, assessment ideas, quizzes and more!