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Studio Sessions

Studio Sessions makes production techniques easy

With Studio Sessions from MusicEDU, you bring the world of sound production to the classroom. Compatible on Mac and PC, engage students in modern music production with a contemporary repertoire. Ideal for classroom music lessons, Studio Sessions allow your students to mix and produce their own music and gain a deeper understanding of composition, performance and listening.


Contemporary music

With Studio Sessions, students experience being a music producer, audio engineer and film composer. They complete a variety of activities to build their production skills. including sampling, looping, multitrack recording, sequencing and creating special effects. Simultaneously, students are learning and participating in key curriculum requirements through performance, listening, composition and music production. Consisting of 10 sessions able to be spread across any timeframe, you can incorporate Studio Sessions into your existing program or use it on its own.


Simple delivery

Featuring teacher-friendly technology and software, you don’t have to be an technology expert to to get Studio Sessions up and running at your school. We provide you with instructional videos for hardware and software so you can relax knowing that your technology will be a help and not a hindrance. You’ll find support videos, backing tracks, activities, assessment ideas, quizzes and more on the online portal. Save time on planning and development and implement an innovative and engaging program today.