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TrackFormers brings alive the next generation

The DJ movement is fast taking over the music scene, and students are showing more interest in mixing music, creating playlists and beat matching. Designed to integrate industry trends with curriculum, TrackFormers by MusicEDU is an innovative program that engages and excites students. Students gain a practical approach to music by learning the basics of DJing and recording tracks.


Compatibility and versatility

Each school has different hardware and software, so TrackFormers is made compatible with iPads, iPhones, Androids, computers and multiple DJ controllers. Consisting of five sessions able to be spread out over a time that suits you, TrackFormers can be implemented on its own or as part of an existing program.


Focus on delivery

TrackFormers includes a digital ebook, website resources and teaching tools to make programs simple and easy to lead. Also including automated marking, quizzes can be taken online with results marked and sent back to you in a spreadsheet. With little planning and development time required, you can focus on facilitating & leading your class.